School: Glaise an Choinnlín (C.), Áth Treasna (roll number 12321)

Clashykinleen East, Co. Cork
Nóra, Bean Uí Ghealbháin

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Ruins - Old Schools in Glashakinleen

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0351, Page 423

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1 In a house owned now by Con Mulcahy a school was taught long ago.
2 Next a school was built in Jim Shine's land in Glashakinleen. It was a thatched house, and was given by Jim Shine. Two teachers taught there.
It was built in an inconvienent place for pupils to come, so they made another house into a school near Glashakinleen Bridge.
3 It was built in Connie Murphy's land. When they removed to the school built on Connie Murphy's land, tenants came to live in the old school house.
First the Shines came to live there, and then the O'Keefes came there. Then they were evicted by a man called Paddy Twomey who claimed the place as his. He lived there for

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