School: An Cnocán Bán, Áth Treasa (roll number 12999)

Cummery Connell (South), Co. Cork
Eibhlín, Bean Uí Ríordáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0350, Page 409

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0350, Page 409

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    home at the present day. They are generally made during the long Winter days and nights. Thread is not spun in the homes nowadays but it was long ago, the thread is bought in the shops now.
    There is no spinning - wheel in the district now but there was long ago.
    People wear special types of clothes on certain occasions , people wear black at the death of a near friend or a relative, if it be a near friend they wear black clothes or go in mourning for a year and if it was a very near friend they go in what is known as second mourning. People wear very bright coloured clothes at weddings.On Sundays people wear their best clothes , the men wear their new clothes, new shoes and all new attire, and they also wear them when going to fairs or other places. The women wear their new frocks, new coats, hats and shoes and the older women wear their new shawls.
    People get new clothes very often, they wear bright coloured clothes in Summer and dark coloured in Winter. People (were) wear bright coloured clothes at weddings.
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