School: Baile an Chollaigh (B.) (roll number 3823)

Ballincollig, Co. Cork
Eoghan Ó Ceallacháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0349, Page 232

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0349, Page 232

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  1. Long ago Cromwell put a landlord over the district of Inniscarra. His name was Cable Fitzgerald. There was a widow living near Cable's house. She had an only son and she sent him to Cable because she could not keep control over over him. There was a butt of turnips in his yard and he heeled it up and hunt the boy on the shaft. The widow came in two day time for her boy. She found him hanging off the butt in Cable's yard. She went to the monks of Inniscarra and she told them her story. They sent her over to the head monk in Kilcrea Abbey. He told her to go to the bank near the house at twelve o'clock that night, and to wish that the ground would swallow Cable and his household. Before twelve o'clock that night she went to the bank and said the words that the monk had told her. The earth opened and the house began to fall down through the ground. Cable himself was rescued. The cries of the servants were heard for miles away. The Avenue to his house can yet be seen in Ardrum Wood where he lived. The steps to his his house can also be seen but they are covered with ferns and briars. He is buried
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    Michael Healy
    Garravagh, Co. Cork
    Mrs Healy
    Inishcarra, Co. Cork