School: Berrings (Measctha) (roll number 4186)

Berrings, Co. Cork
Domhnall Ó Drisceoil

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Berrings (Measctha) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0348, Page 098

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Women's Christmas. Some people say the reason why this day is called the Women's Xmas is because the women are supposed to be served by the men as the women have served the men during the beginning of Xmas.
It was the custom of the young people long ago, to gather old buckets and old tincans and tie them together with a string on Shrove Tuesday. Then they used to go to the houses of those whom they thought should be married. They used to say that they were hunting them to Sceillig Rock in Kerry. Then the young people used to make songs about the old people and these songs we called "Sceillig Lists".
Shrove Tuesday is often called Pan Cake Night because long ago it was the custom to have a little feast of pan cakes as Shrove Tuesday is the Tuesday before Ash-Wednesday. Pan cakes were made with flour, milk and eggs and were cooked in a pan.

There are many customs following the feasts of the year.
May Day. It is said that you should never light the fire first on May morning. It is said that if you gave away milk or butter on May morning that you would have no milk or butter for the family for the rest of the year. It is also said that if you met a foxy woman on May morning that you would have no luck for the rest of

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