School: Ovens (C.) (roll number 5985)

Ovens, Co. Cork
Maud Mc Guire

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Ovens (C.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0345, Page 399

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district one wild winters morning. A great gale had swept the countryside during the night - few people were abroad.- The poor "Natural" tired from his long journey, entered the main lawn on the Bandon Estate. Protected from the rain by the inverted friend 'Daisy' - he strode along, chatting gently to his kind protector. But soon his attention was diverted by the sight of a group of workmen laboriously engaged in trying to reimbed a fine tree which had been almost entirely uprooted by the storm.
The Lord Bandon of that period, stood anxiously by, directing operations. The Onsuc was quickly on the scene. Placing his precious 'Daisy' out of danger, he stood by Lord Bandon's side & remained an interested spectator for a few minutes, apparently deriving great amusement from the excited orders of the latter & futile efforts of the workmen to execute them. Then suddenly he turned from the scene, & restoring Daisy to her place of honour on his head, addressed her thus "Daisy asthore, no wonder you are laughing at the little Lord trying to put up what the Big Lord knocked down".
The "Natural" died at the age of 30. During his last illness Daisy was always kept in view on a table

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Mrs Norry Coughlan
Ovens, Co. Cork