School: Ovens (C.) (roll number 5985)

Ovens, Co. Cork
Maud Mc Guire

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Crosaire na Marbh

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0345, Page 350

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Funeral procession in ancient days halted at "Crossaire na Mairbh", a cross road near Kilcrea Abbey. Here a funeral tax was paid to the Abbot of Kilcrea. The monks carried the coffins to the burial grounds.

Recently, bones, probably washed down by floods from the Abbey, were found by workmen repairing the railway track at Killumney. The supernatural lights, which are supposed to be a rather fixed phenomena of Kilcrea, were seen for some weeks previous to the discovery of the bones, shining over Crossaire na Mairbh. Hence the remains were removed to the Abbey grounds, the finders feeling quite convinced that the remains were originally buried in the Abbey.