School: Ballymartle (roll number 7361)

Ballymartle, Co. Cork
Patrick Kelleher

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A Forge

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0322, Page 041

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There is one forge in my district. There is a smith and a servant boy in it. The smiths are always supposed to be very strong men. He gets a lot of work to do. The way he shoes a horse is, he would get a piece of iron and would redden it, until it would be almost soft, and he would put it on the anvil and would shape it into a horse shoe.

A smith has a bellows in the forge. It has a long handle and it has a connection under the fire. He has very strong rough hands. He has a lot of tools in the forge. Long ago, the cattle used to be shod and would do the work, that a horse would do at the present time. At the present time the cattle and other animals such as bullocks work in other countries. A smith keeps a big fire always.
The old people say, that the water a smith has in the forge would cure

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Batty Walsh
Glinny, Co. Cork