School: Presentation Monaster, Ceann tSáile

Kinsale, Co. Cork
J. K. O' Connor

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Presentation Monaster, Ceann tSáile | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0319, Page 261

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During one of his terms as Soveirgn J.J. John Isaac Heard committed a deed which earned for him the leas ainm of "Hangman of Kinsale"
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were seized and "keepers" placed in charge of them. During the night disguised men overpowered the keepers and drove off the beasts.
Early on the following morning a car was heard coming along the Cork Road in the direction of Kinsale. One of the bums who was Wm Clarke, Beadle of the Corporation, better known as Clarke the Bellman requested the driver of the cart to untie the ropes that bound his arms. The driver was John Browne a fine young fellow of 19, supposed to be the natural son of General Sir Thomas Browne Knockduff.
The lad had been reared by relatives of is mother living in Lacknacummeen and what education they could afford to give him was received in the school conducted by one Stokes in Clontead Chapel. Browne has no sympathy with "bums" but certain circumstances of the case appealed to his manhood, and therefore he did not demur at the request of Clarke. The Bellman detained young Browne for some time and asked him to tie his arms again. Browne innocently complied resumed his journey to

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