School: Presentation Monaster, Ceann tSáile

Kinsale, Co. Cork
J. K. O' Connor

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Presentation Monaster, Ceann tSáile | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0319, Page 260

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Another night while searching around Hollyhill a glimmer of light attracted the attention of this yeoman officer and his men. The door of a miserable cabin was open. Dashing in Heard beheld a spectacle which though typical of the times was a revelation to the Sovereign.
A family sat on the floor around a cipeán of potatoes: the only light for their meal being a tallow dip.
Heard was heard to mutter as he hurried from this spectacle of abject poverty that he had enough of these night hunts

During one of his terms as Sovereign John Isaac Heard committed a deed which earned for him the leas ainm of "Hangman of Kinsale"
Cattle belonging to a widow in Camphill

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