School: Presentation Monaster, Ceann tSáile

Kinsale, Co. Cork
J. K. O' Connor

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Presentation Monaster, Ceann tSáile | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0319, Page 259

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"-- is in the house. Send him out at once"
The bean a tighe replied that she knew nothing of the individual named. The Sovereign repeated his command in a more menacing tone. The woman again said she knew nothing of such a man. Heard stood in front of the door, Armstrong a pace aside. Both were powerfully built men.
Suddenly a figure bounded out of the dark interior, and, taking the yeoman officer off his guard, brought him to the ground. Armstrong grappled with the fugitive, Heard scrambled to this feet & shouted to the other to hold on to the Whiteboy. Armstrong keeping his grip was pulled along some distance.
Heard running to the assistance of his
yeoman saw, not the Whiteboy, but the torn shirt which he had left in the hands of Armstrong
Down a steep field went Heard & Armstrong while they shouted to the other yeos.
"Oh! sir" one fellow gasped. "A ghost! a form in white has just flashed by like a streak of lightning"

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