School: Cill Mhic Abaidh, An Léim (roll number 11245)

Kilmacabea, Co. Cork
Seán Ó Donnabháin

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The Stone Circle at Drombeg Glandore

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0309, Page 272

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The Stone Circle is situated two miles east of Glandore and half a mile south of Kilfaughnabeg Roman Catholic Church. It is composed of fourteen stones, arranged in the shape of a large circle. Some of the stones which form the circle are small and others tall. There is one horizontal stone inside the circle on the west side and if you stand on that stone with the rising of the sun on a May morning the sun points to a stone on the south east side of the circle and if you stand on the same horizontal stone on the morning of June 21st the sun points to a stone in the north east of the circle.
Some of the old people say that Cliodna is buried here and that each stone has certain meaning. The stone circle was ancient when St Patrick came to Ireland and it is the unwritten history of our ancient civilisation

Seán Ó Cárthaigh
Aghatubrid More, Co. Cork