School: Carraig Bhuí, Durrus, Beanntraí (roll number 16286)

Carrigboy, Co. Cork
Ml. Ó Gallchobhair

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Local Heroes

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0285, Page 069

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Every district has its hero or heroes whose deeds have been flaunted before the public for generations after the decease of the performers. Great runners, famous jumpers, and great mowers have had their share of praise and flattery.
Though those people are compaitively numerous in other districts, West Cork is sadly lacking in notabilities. Our greatest local hero is Danno O 'Mahoney a native of Dreelnamane who was renowned for his great strength. At the age of eight years he is supposed to have taken a half sack of corn up the steps to the barn. At eighteen he laid out a bull by kicking him in the jaw. Later he distinguished himself in athletics and went to America where he became the Worlds champion all-in Wrestler.
His father Dan O' Mahoney - or "big Dan" as he is commonly known - was also a great sportsman, and was perhaps the greatest jumper and weight-thrower of his time. His brother William was also a man of fine physique and Herculean strength.
It is said that one day he went to Bantry on business, and meeting some friends who were "fond of the drop" he became hopelessly drunk before nightfall. He was a man could be described

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Breda Mac Carthy
Coolcoulaghta, Co. Cork