School: Drom Clúmhach (Dromclogh) (roll number 16246)

Dromclogh, Co. Cork
Riobárd Ó Ceallaigh

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Scéalta - The Fool and the Thief

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0282, Page 462

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Long ago there lived a man and he was a very bad man. He had stolen a great lot of money and other things. He lived on thievery. He became very rich and he spent his money on travelling. While the thief was in one district there happened to be an old fool in the same district and the fool was dressed in rags.
One day the fool was passing a gentleman's house and he saw a grand silk shirt on a bush. The gentleman was looking out of a window but the fool did not see him. The fool stopped and looked at the shirt.
"Bush", said he, "will you give me that shirt?."
There was no answer from the bush.
"Oh," said the fool, "silence gives consent," so he took down the shirt and put it on and threw his old shirt upon the bush.
The gentleman saw all this happening and he called his servant maid and wrote a note an enclosed it in an envelope and said to the maid, "Run quickly and get up to the fool that took the shirt and tell him take this message to the jail-keeper, and give him this half-crown for doing so."

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