School: Drom Clúmhach (Dromclogh) (roll number 16246)

Dromclogh, Co. Cork
Riobárd Ó Ceallaigh

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0282, Page 454

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Long ago there lived a man and a woman in a small hut at the side of the mountain. This man and woman were very old and the famine was in the country at that time.
One day as the woman passed a house, she heard a woman crying because her child, a little girl was dying of hunger. The woman went into the house and she said to the mother of the child that if she (the mother) would like, she would take away the child to her hut and feed her and keep her until she was fit to earn a living for herself. So the old woman took the little girl with her and fed her and kept her there with them.
The old man was very glad to have the little girl living with them, because she used to work for them and keep their little hut clean and tidy. The two old people also took a little boy to live with them because his parents couldn't feed him. He, also, used to do jobs for the old man and woman.
The little boy and girl were very fond of each other, and they were fond of the old man and woman, too. They played together every day. When the two old people were unable to do any more work the little boy and girl kept the house and did all the work.
When they grew up the girl went to college learning

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