School: Drom Clúmhach (Dromclogh) (roll number 16246)

Dromclogh, Co. Cork
Riobárd Ó Ceallaigh

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Carriganass Castle

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0282, Page 415

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[There is a newspaper clipping of a photograph of Carriganass Castle here with the caption: "Carriganass Castle -- A stronghold of O'Sullivan Beare. It is about five miles beyond the Pass of Keimaneigh on the road to Glenharriff."]

The castle of Carriganass was the eastern stronghold of the O'Sullivan clan. Many will recall the well-known ballad of Callanan -- The Revenge of the Donal Can O'Sullivan. The poet tells how O'Sullivan's wife was done to death in Gougane Barra by St. Leger. St. Leger is said to have been an officiant in the English garrison of Carriganass. Donal, fired with revenge, entered the castle dressed as a Friar and slew St. Leger.

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