School: Páirc an Iarla (roll number 9303)

Rathpeak, Co. Roscommon
Ss. Ó Maonaigh

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Grimmer's Fairy Tales

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0273, Page 001

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Grimme's Fairy Tales
Once upon a time two King's sons went out ino the world to seek their fortune. But they fell into fooolish ways of living, and wasted their money and couldn't come back again. Their younger brother who was a little dwarf set out to find them when they met him they laughed at him and asked him how he thought he would be able to travel the world being so young and simple, when they being so much wiser had failed to do so, However they all set off together and came at last to an ant-hill. The two elder ones wanted to destroy the ants to see what the would do with the eggs in their fright. But the little dwarf said "let the poor things alone." After another while's journey they came to a lake and the two brothers wanted to catch two ducks and roast them: But the dwarf said "let the poor things alone you shall not kill them." Next they came to a bees' nest, and there was so much honey that it ran down the tree, and

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Margaret Murray
farmer's wife
Rathpeak, Co. Roscommon