School: Cor na Fola (B.) (roll number 1607)

Cornafulla, Co. Roscommon
Liam Ó Hannáin

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Folklore - The Local Forge

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0271, Page 046

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There are four forges in the parish. The names of the smiths are, Patrick Gavin Cranagh, Michael Egan Drum, Michael McManus Nure, and John Lennon Clonark. There people have been smiths for many years. Their forges are situated near the public road. The forge is built like a house with a tin roof and a chimney. The door is very big and it is of a square shape. There is but one fire place in the forge. The bellows is not made locally. The smith uses a lot of implements in his work.
The implements he uses are, a hammer, a pincers, a file, a sledge, a knife, and an anvil. The smith shoes horses, asses, and he also makes farm implement. The only part of the forge work that's done in the open air, is the shoeing of cart wheels.
There are no beleifs or sayings connected with forge water or the sparks

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Willie Shine
Drumlosh, Co. Roscommon