School: Cor na Fola (B.) (roll number 1607)

Cornafulla, Co. Roscommon
Liam Ó Hannáin

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0271, Page 036

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About sixty years ago a landlord by the name of John O Sullivan lived in Mount Florence. At the time there was a Curate in the parish named Fr. Davis. The landlord owned a lot of land. One day Fr. Davise's dog went out on this land and the landlord seeing this became angry and cautioned the priest telling him that he would poison the dog. Again he found the dog on his land and this time he poisoned him. When the priest found his dog dead he went to the landlord's house and told him that he would leave him to rot in bed.
About three years after the landlord got sick and for three months he lay fading away in his bed. The doctors could do nothing for him. At last he died and when the time for coffining came he had to be rolled up in the sheet and put into the coffin. Then he was put into the hearse and when the hearse man thought to start the horse's they were held fast. Then the people gathered around and thought to flog the horse's but it was no use.
At last when all failed they sent for the Curate and after a long time he consented to go. He spent about five minutes reading. Then the horse's started of in a gallop. Again a man by the name of Thomas

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Michael Durney
Cornafulla, Co. Roscommon