School: Cor na Fola (B.) (roll number 1607)

Cornafulla, Co. Roscommon
Liam Ó Hannáin

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Story - Hedge-School

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0271, Page 018

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The schools that we have now are different to the schools long ago. The usual spot selected for the erection is a ditch on the roadside, in some situation where there will be as little damp as possible. A thatched roof that was on it. The hedge school that was in my village was, in Clonown. The master who taught there was, William Shine Curragh.
On entering into the school there was a corner, where every boy threw his two sods of turf from under his arm. Near the master were the larger boys from fifteen to twenty-two, strong stockings on their legs, heavy boots, with nailed-paved soles and breeches open at the knees.
The jotters they used were slates and chalk. The schoolmaster would bring out his chair, and place it on the shady side of the hedge, whilst nearly a hundred and fifty scholars of all sorts and sizes lay scattered over the grass, under the scorching sun of the summer.

Thomas Shine
Taylorstown, Co. Roscommon