School: Cor na Fola (B.) (roll number 1607)

Cornafulla, Co. Roscommon
Liam Ó Hannáin

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Fairy Forts

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0271, Page 008

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There was a Fairy Fort situated in the village of Curragh Athlone in a bog called the crack. It was called a fort because there were fairies living in it. There was a big ditch of earth surrounding it, to protect the goods that were stored there.
It was of a circular shape. Once a number of men went to work there, but they were frightened when they saw all the fairies and ghosts. The farmers never interfered with these forts when ploughing or planting crops. The old people often heard a queer noise, like as if there were people churning in it.
It is said that there was a fairy fort in the village of Cornafulla, Athlone. It was situated in the bog and enclosed by a circular wall so that nobody could interfere with it. It is said that one night at about twelve o'clock a man named Patrick Connaughton was passing by on his way home and the fairies attacked him and brought him into the fort. His people did not know what happened him so they went to the fort

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Thomas Shine
Taylorstown, Co. Roscommon