School: Castlesampson

Castlesampson, Co. Roscommon
Aodh Ó Fithcheallaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0269, Page 257

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0269, Page 257

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    Sr Ronan's Day ( 21st June local patron) unlucky to work.
    Monday unlucky to pay out money
    Hansel Monday do a pay out money?
    also not to have money in pocket
    Monday & Wednesday unlucky to clean stable.
    May & April unlucky for marriage.
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  2. Townland Antrane. Parish Taughmaconnell. Barony of Athlone South.
    In Dan O'Connell's field about 1/2 mile south west of the Carrowduff road there is a cave. It is in a round hill with surrounded by a ditch. There are three openings in it, two on top and on the side.
    Joseph Craven (old man still living in The Park same parish & Barony) went into it and says he found a fairy pipe and candle. It is built with flags and it is said to contain 30 rooms. Fairy are said to be in it. It is said to contain a horse load of gold. A black cat is seen near the entrance.
    Patrick Craven (same address says that he saw three
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