School: An Chloch Dhubh, Crookstown (roll number 13235)

Cloghduff, Co. Cork
M. Bean Uí Mhurchadha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0346, Page 014

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0346, Page 014

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  1. In olden times bread was mostly made from wheat grown locally. In olden times every house made its own flour, they ground the wheat in little Querns. The wheat was ground between 2 stones, specially made for the purpose. In this district for nearly 100 years flour is made at Howard's Mills, Crookstown. Up to about twenty years ago they ground the wheat between two large stones, worked by machinery. There was only one man in this district who could dress the stones, as it was called, to make brown flour or "Oneway".
    People made bread from oatmeal too, and they also made Potato cake. Those were generally mixed with milk, and baked on a griddle or in a pot-oven, or Bastable as it is called. Lately a great number of people put in ranges, and bread is now baked in ovens.
    Generally when a cake is made it is cut across, but not through, so
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    Kathleen Keane