School: Achadh Bolg (roll number 3588)

Aghabullogue, Co. Cork
(name not given)
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0343, Page 324

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0343, Page 324

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    field near the well which still been the name 'tea house inch'.
    About two fields from the well in Timothy Murphy's land there is a stone on which are the footprints of St. Olan. The saint is buried in Aghabullogue graveyard and on the large stone which marks his grave there is a small round stone called 'Caipín Olan. It was once taken for some cure but was brought back again.
    St. Olan had a brother St Lachtaoin and there is a well dedicated to him in Donoughmore parish.
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  2. 'Rounds' in honour of St Olan are paid every year on the 5th Sept. When the 'rounds' are finished people drink some of the water out of the well and leave a medal or beads or some token near the well.
    A number of 'travelling folk' were one day passing by the well and as they had no where to get water they took some water from St Olan's well but if it were
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    Denis Murphy
    Aghabullogue, Co. Cork