School: Maghcromtha (B.)

Macroom, Co. Cork
Pádraig Ó Deasmhumhna

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Old Song (Fragment) Sung by My Grandmother

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0342, Page 271

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Old song (fragment) sung by my grandmother, died 20 years ago at age of 87.
Mrs Horgan, Sharpallysh ave.
Kilnamartrya. Macroom.

“Árduigh do shúiste ‘s do shúiste ‘s do mhaide leat
Árduigh do shúiste chun siubhal agus an restha leat”
to the air of a reel thus:
d., :m., s d’ :m., s d’ :m., m f .,r:r
d :m., s d’ :m .,m f .,l :s .,f m .,d :d