School: Maghcromtha (B.)

Macroom, Co. Cork
Pádraig Ó Deasmhumhna

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0342, Page 212

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A woman once used to send her daughter to a sewing school in Macroom. One morning when the girl was going to school she met a woman who took her into a lios, and was teaching her all day. This went on for a week, but when the mistress of the sewing school met the mother at Mass she asked her why her girl was not at school. The mother said she sent her girl to school every day.
When the mother reached home that day she asked the daughter why she did not go to school. The girl then told her mother about the woman of the lios. The mother then told the daughter to ask the woman of the 'lios' what they (the people at home) would do to the cows that were dying on them.
The next day the girl went to school she met the woman of the 'lios' again and the woman took her in, and they spent the day in the same way as they spent the other days. The girl - as her mother told her - asked what would they do to their cows, that they were not "living with them at all." The woman said to take them to the meeting of three waters before

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Timothy O' Connor
Carriganimmy, Co. Cork