School: Maghcromtha (B.)

Macroom, Co. Cork
Pádraig Ó Deasmhumhna

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Maghcromtha (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0342, Page 203

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Cases of "haunting" are told in the district.

“Fairyland” – applied to a townland near Carrigafooka Bridge, 3 miles west of Macroom.

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The “Banshee” is believed in by a good many in this district.
I have heard (M P Murphy, New St Macroom (60)) that the banshee is heard when a member of the family of the Sullivan’s of Teernaspidogos, Inchageela dies. He also says that music is heard at the death of any member of the family of the Sweeney’s of Ballyvourney.

Cases of “haunting” are told in the district.
Here is one, which came under my own personal knowledge, over 35 years ago – I mean the parties were well known to me, and the woman was a distant relation of mine, and I often heard the story told by her husband.
He was a Denis O’Callaghan (dead only about 4 years) late of Castle Street, Macroom