School: Toames, Maghcromtha (roll number 15478)

Tooms, Co. Cork
Seán de Búrca
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0338, Page 234

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0338, Page 234

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  1. Away back at the end of the 18th century there lived in Kilbary in the parish of Uibh Laoghaire a man named Barry. He was one of those who travelled the country in quest of any person who showed any disobedience to British Law in Ireland, and if it so happened that any loyalist was interfered with in any way he would spare no pains in getting some body (guilty or not ) to pay [?] the supreme penalty.
    One day whilst Barry and his son were travelling in a remote district in the Co Tipperary inquiring for the whereabouts of outlaws a man suddenly stepped out of the wood, held them up at the point of the revolver, and asked him was he the Barrac mór from Muskerry. He said no, and that there was a Barry bigger than himself. "You are big enough" replied the stranger, at the same time, shooting him dead. He then challenged Barry's son who swore by an oath that he was only a servant. He allowed him to go free and he disappeared into the wood.
    It was often related that when at a time the Annahale bog extended east beyond the public road and hundreds of men were employed there saving turf Barry passed up along on saddled horse probably returning home after a round up. Seán Ruadh an Gaorthaig who was
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