School: Toames, Maghcromtha (roll number 15478)

Tooms, Co. Cork
Seán de Búrca
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0338, Page 231

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0338, Page 231

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  3. XML “A Betrayal”

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  1. Over a hundred years ago when the tithe rents were collected throughout the land the protestant minister as entitled to one tenth part of the farmers produce such as the tenth sack of corn or potatoes or money equivalent to it. It so happened that a farmer named Uniacke who lived in Tipperary resolved to stand the strain no longer of paying out what he knew to be his own just right.
    When the collector of those tithes called to Uniacke's farm one day Uniacke killed him defence of his property. This act meant immediate execution in the most cruel way, so to avoid this he had no alternative but to flee for safety to some remote part of the country or out of it if possible. He escaped arrest for a considerable time. his name and description were of course in the hue and cry, but sad to relate when he was sheltering in the neighbourhood of Macroom after paying a visit to the town one day he unfortunately formed the aquaintance of a man named Coughlan. By some crafty means, Coughlan got him to confide the whole secret to him and got him to promise that he would come to his own house for refuge where he would be quite safe from arrest. Coughlan lived in a cabin in Ardnaneen, but I am glad to relate he had no relation to other Coughlans then or now. When this man (Uniacke) came
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