School: Toames, Maghcromtha (roll number 15478)

Tooms, Co. Cork
Seán de Búrca
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0338, Page 224

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0338, Page 224

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  1. Story by Thomas Healy Toames, Macroom, Labourer ( aged 54)
    I heard a very funny story from my father about May morning. His cousin Nellie McCarthy of Teeranassig owned a farm in this townland and was the owner of ten milch cows. At this time there were no creameries and this girl made butter of the cream. One year her cows yielded very poor milk which had no cream. She was very much surprised as her cows always had good rich milk.
    Her father who was very old said that maybe some neighbour milked the cows on May morning of the preceding year. She promised that she would watch her cows on the following May morning. She kept her promise and went to the field of the cows. She took a dog with her. She entered the field and concealed herself behind a lump of sillies. She was not long waiting when a neighbouring woman came and put a "spancel" under one of the cows. She then started milking but had no bucket. My cousin then made known her presence and no sooner had she done so than the woman turned into a hare. The dog immediately gave chase and soon caught the hare
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