School: Urhan (C.) (roll number 12260)

Urhin, Co. Cork
Eimile Ní Urdail

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A Story About Giants

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0276, Page 201

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Long ago two Giants lived in a little Island near Garnish. One of the was big and the other was small. One day a dispute arouse between them and the big one followed the small one. They had a fight in Gortataig and the small one spepped a rock in the land to a rock far out in the sea. The big one followed him and cut off his head. It floated in the Ardacluggan and it is called Ardacluggan ever since because cluggan is a head. His body floated into Cahirkeem (Cathair Cuim) and that is how it got the name of Cahirkeem because keem is a body. It is called Cakirkeem ever since.