School: Urhan (C.) (roll number 12260)

Urhin, Co. Cork
Eimile Ní Urdail

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Droichead an Ghadaí

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0276, Page 200

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The [?] was living in Eyeries. he was a big thief. he used steal cattle from the people One night when he was going stealing, he was passing a river, He saw a man standing inside the river, The [?] spoke to him and asked him what he was foing there. The man said that he was doing his penance and he had a rod between his toes. He said that he should wait there until the rod sprouted.
God help me said the [?] jumping into the river with the other man Next morning the [?] was found dead in the river and his stick sprouting.