School: Urhan (C.) (roll number 12260)

Urhin, Co. Cork
Eimile Ní Urdail

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0276, Page 199

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One night long ago seiners were going fishing. The sea was very rough and they were afraid to go out. When they were a long way out and the boats were full of fish a great storm arose and they had to dump the fish again The boats were struck against the rocks and it was so dark that the seiners did not know where they were.
Then they saw a great big light coming towards them. When it came nearer it seemed like a boat and a great light on one side of it They saw men dressed in white and they pulling the oars very fast. The boat was a long way out from them and it kept before them until they came to Tráigh an [?] The seiners were frightened. They watched to see where would the boat go. It went away out and then it disappeared. They said that it was some boat came to show them the way and only for the boat coming they would be drowned.