School: Urhan (C.) (roll number 12260)

Urhin, Co. Cork
Eimile Ní Urdail

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Urhan (C.) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0276, Page 167

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Long ago before paraffen oil was in use and the people were very poor. The only light they used have by night was a lighted rush.
First they used gather a bundle of rushes and let them wither. Then they used get a piece of tin which they called a slighire, and melt lard and dip a rush into it according as they needed it.

Long ago the people used not use any candles or oil like now. They used touse rushes instead. This is the way they used to use them. They used to go out and gather a bundle of rushes and peel them and leave on slip of green on them to keep them firm. They used put a tin vessel like the shape of a boat called a slighire on the fire. They used to put lard into it and leave it melt. Then they used to take it up and dip the rushes on by one into the lard and take them out and leave them dry.