School: An Chathair Mhór (roll number 13249)

Knockroe Middle, Co. Cork
Donncha Ó Súilleabháin

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An Gaibhlean Gabha agus an Glas Gaibhneach

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0274, Page 184

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I have heard that when the Gaibhlean Gabha was in Oileán Aolbhac that he used to come to Kilkinnihan for water to temper the steel. He used get the water in Fuarán a'Caoláin. This is a Fuarán noted for the excellent quality of its water. It is still used as a well and the Gaibhlean had to travel twelve miles before he had this water landed in 'leán Aolbhach
As it was used for tempering the steel; my Uncle (who will be 93 years next March {March 1936}) tells that the old people called it Uisge Fabhairt

The Gaibhlean had a cow called the Glas Gaibhneach One day as she was travelling eastwards from 'leán Aolbhach in this parish she is said to have fed only in three fields and since then these three fields are pointed out as being land of surpassing fertility. She had such a flow of milk that no vessel was large enough to hold it. One day as she was being milked an old woman called the way and bet that she would get a vessel that the Glas Gaibhneac would not fill. She got a strainer and the cow was milked & milked into the strainer till at last seeing that she was outdone she bellowed and called to her progeny a young cow and a bull and the

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Donnachadh Ó Súilleabháin