School: Ardkeenan

Ardkeenan, Co. Roscommon
John Meares
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0270, Page 255

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0270, Page 255

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    of the old women asked about the man and what was the name of the house in which he was working and she said that she was his mother. The other woman said, "I am your grandmother".
    Then one of said she was getting tired and there was an old broken down house near by where the two women went in to rest. They said,
    "Good bye and say prayers for us". The girl told her mother when she went home and her mother told her that the two women were dead about twenty years before.
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  2. In a certain village people were forbidden to make potheen, as it was made in a good many places at that time. A person who was discovered making potheen was summoned by the Police, so soon potheen-making began to die out.
    In a house situated in the side of the mountain an old woman lived alone.
    She was a very good potheen maker and a great many people bought it from her. She continued making the potheen even though it was against the Law. But the Police had not the slightest suspicion of her. But in the end
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