School: Cluain na Cille (roll number 9216)

Cloonakille, Co. Roscommon
Eithne , Bean Uí Fhallamhain

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Local Antiquities - A Cromlech - Leabaidh Éarn

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0270, Page 195

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In a field in Meeambee in the parish of [?], there is to be seen a cromlech. It is called locally Leabaidh Éirn.
There were four upright slabs, some of which are now fallen, topped by a huge oblong slab, many tons weight.
Near at hand there is a circular raised mound of earth enclosed by bushes called "The Fort" which his believed to be visited by the fairies. None of the bushes have been cut down, lest some dire misfortune should follow. A chieftain named Earn is popularly supposed to have lived in this district.