School: Beanntraighe (B.) (roll number 15135)

Bantry, Co. Cork
Dr. Mac Carrthaigh

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Beanntraighe (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0281, Page 076

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This pain kept on to him for his life. He went to several doctors but they could do no good for him. The man died after twelve months and it it was said that it was the pain killed him. After that the dog was never seen.

There is the remains of a castle in the townland of Donemark, which is in the parish of Bantry. This castle was built by one of the O'Sullivans, about the year sixteen hundred.
It has been derelict for over two hundred years. There is a large dungeon attached to it, and it is said, that long ago people were foully put to death in it.
This castle was built on a little island, and it was never attacked, as it was hard to get near it. There is nothing but the four walls of it, to be seen at the present day.

Thomas Harrington
Bantry, Co. Cork