School: Beanntraighe (B.) (roll number 15135)

Bantry, Co. Cork
Dr. Mac Carrthaigh

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Beanntraighe (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0281, Page 054

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Over looking Bantry town on the south side stands a hill called Cnoc na bhFiach which means the hill of the ravens.
The ravens are large, black carnivorous birds and are also called carrion-crows. These birds still frequent the hill in considerable numbers especially in winter time.

Michael Fitzgerald
Bantry, Co. Cork

There is a large field at Newtown East just outside Bantry Town and it is called The Soup Field. Tis supposed to have got its name in the days of the Famine 1845 - 1847. At that time some Protestant societies were very busy tryind to pervert Catholics and change them over to their own church. Tis said that they had a house or shed in this field where they made soup and dispersed it to the poor and hungry Catholics on condition that they joined their church and became Protestants.
There are some Protestants still in this part of the country bearing old Catholics

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