School: Beanntraighe (B.) (roll number 15135)

Bantry, Co. Cork
Dr. Mac Carrthaigh

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The Game of Quoits

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0281, Page 037

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The game of Quoits is very old. It can be played in different ways and it is played by two people and by two pairs. The way it is played in this district is:- we first place two large stones about six or seven yards from each other. Then, when one pair plays the other, one boy of each pair stands behind one stone, which is called a bob, and the remaining boys stand behind the other bob. Then two of the boys get a pair of round flat stones each. Each stone is called a quoit.
They then throw the quoits down to the other bob in turns. When a quoit goes up on the bob it is called a crowbar and you would get four points for that. You would get three when a stone stands against the front of the bob, and that is called a ringer. It is called a side-ringer to put a stone against the side of the bob and the score for that is two. When one stone goes nearer to the bob than that of your opponent you would get one point and when the two stones go in nearer than his you would get two points. The stones are out of play when they go behind the bobs. They keep throwing the stones until one pair of boys reach the score of twenty-one and when they reach that score they win the game.

Dermot Lynch
Bantry, Co. Cork
Mr Cotter
Scart Road, Co. Cork