School: Castlecoote (roll number 6344)

Castlecoote, Co. Roscommon
Máire, Bean Uí Ghabhláin

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Dan Dolan

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0263, Page 199

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In Bollyboggan in the parish of Fuerty, County Roscommon there once lived a man named Dan Dolan and his wife and baby.
One November night his wife got sick and died. Dan was very sorry for her and did not know in the world how he would manage to mind his three months baby.
After the wake and funeral he settled down to mind the baby but it was constantly crying. About the third night to his great surprise the baby got very quiet and slept peacefully. Dan could not understand it, so he decided to stay up and watch.
In the middle of the night he dozed asleep. Suddenly he was wakened by a strange noise. He looked around and there he saw his wife feeding the baby.
He jumped up and she rushed for the window. He tried to catch her but she told him not to touch her or the fairies would have a claim on him, but if he wished to save her she would tell him what to do. He said he would risk his life to save her.
She told him that the fairies would be changing on the next Hallowe'en night. If he was at the narrow gap in Manus' field

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