School: Castlecoote (roll number 6344)

Castlecoote, Co. Roscommon
Máire, Bean Uí Ghabhláin

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New Road and Co. Liachtar

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0263, Page 153

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New Road & Co Licahtar
New Road is really part of the downland of Colemully. It is a small village with about ten thatched houses built on each side of the road and a population of forty people.
Over a hundred years ago when people were coming to the flour mills of Castlecoote the New Road was then only a cart track and they usually went a round about way to reach the mills.
In order to make the journey more direct and convenient for travelers the New Road was made which linked up the road to Donamon and Oran and the towns of Creggs, Ballymoe and Castlerea.
Co. Liachtar is a small village at the back of Castlecoote off the main road. An old boreen winding from the bog and rive Suck, serves the few people who eke out a living in the lonely silent valley. Where once could be seen the smoke from twenty cottages, no=w there are only three families, with about twelve people.
Wild fowl are got in abundance and foxes have their dens near the Donamon woods. In summer people go down fishing to the silent rive and are invariably satisfied with their days outing. For their is pleasure in the pathless woods and a rapture on the lonely share.

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