School: Castlecoote (roll number 6344)

Castlecoote, Co. Roscommon
Máire, Bean Uí Ghabhláin

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Castlecoote | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0263, Page 149

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Castlecoote - continued
On one occasion two brothers came to settle a dispute re ownership of their farm. The landlord ordered his bodyguard of soldiers to shoot them. He then took possession of their farm.

The Gunnings
The Three Graces It is said that the 'Three Graces' or beautiful Miss Gunnings at one time lived in Castle Coote. Their father Major Gunning was a rollicking, duelling fine old Irishman who left his widow and daughter penniless at his death.
Maria Elizabeth Duchess of Hamilton & Argyle The widow went to Dublin and had the good fortune of getting into the favour of a great actress who introduced the beautiful Miss Gunnings into society. Maria and Elizabeth married the Earl of Coventry and the Duke of Hamilton respectively. They became the rage, and reigned supreme as Queens of Beauty.
Sophia died At the height of her fame, Maria died seven years after he marriage. Elizabeth became the close friend of the Queen.
Every age has its beautiful women. They play their parts and pass on down the corridors of time.