School: Drumatemple (B.) (roll number 7496)

Drumatemple, Co. Roscommon
Michael Quinn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0261, Page 022

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0261, Page 022

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    count the nails in it you will have as many years good luck as there are nails.
    132. The old people say that if you rake the fire on Novembers night that the fairies will have it tossed around the house in the morning.
    133. If a spoon falls it is a sign of a woman coming in.
    134. If a man comes in there will be a knife fall.
    135. If seeds are sown on Good Friday you will have good luck for the year.
    136. If one dies out of a village three will die.
    137. If you place the ashes flat on the hearth on Novembers night, if there is anyone going to die there will be a footprint facing out.
    138. If you have a weasels skin for a purse and sew a halfpenny in a corner of it you will never be without money.
    139. If you are not lucky in stock get another one to buy for you.
    140. It is not lucky to breed a jennet.
    141. Do not disturb soil after Sun-set.
    142. Do not buy back a beast you have sold.
    143. When having eggs hatched put a
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