School: Ballyleague (roll number 5973)

Ballyleague, Co. Roscommon
Patrick O' Dowd

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0259, Page 217

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in front, neat and pretty" In 1841, the population of the village was 278.
The Shannon Navigation Commissioners made a deep cutting through the ford of Ath-liag-na-Sinna in 1840, to enable boats of considerable draft to pass up and down the river, and they also constructed the present warves and some store houses. They pulled down the bridge erected in 1706, and replaced it by the present one. This consists of six stone arches and a wooden swivel arch which renders possible the passage of steamers and yachts. The bridge is fifteen feet and about 100 yards long. A slab inserted in one of the parapets, bears the following inscription:- "The bridge was erected by the Commissioners for the Navigation of the River Shannon in the year 1844. His Excellency The Right Hon. Thomas Philips Earl De Gray KC, Lord Lieutenant, 1844 Sykes and

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Delia Scally
Moher, Co. Roscommon