School: Bealach (roll number 5811)

Ballagh, Co. Roscommon
Domhnall Ó Daltúin

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0258, Page 167

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If a stranger enters your house during churning he must take a round at the churning to bring in the butter, Because if a man comes in and puts a coal in his pipe he can bring the butter.
Long ago a certain woman in the parish was churning and a neighbouring man came in put a coal in his pipe and walked out after some time.
He pegged out the coal as he thought and what was it but a bit of butter. He looked around him for a leaf and he found a turnip leaf and he carefully put the bit of butter on it and made his way back to the woman who was churning and gave it to her. He stayed with her until the churning was made and salted.
May day is a lucky day to churn and you should place a bit of that days churning in the next crock of cream and so on each time until the next May day.