School: Bealach (roll number 5811)

Ballagh, Co. Roscommon
Domhnall Ó Daltúin

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0258, Page 129

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1. You never miss the water until the well is dry
2. Blood is thicker than water
3. Every cock crows on his own dunghill
4. Every chicken comes home to roost
5. A long road that has no turn
6. Don't loose the lamb for a half penny worth of tar.
7. Kettle calling black to the pot.
8. Catch a weasel asleep
9. You cannot have both ends of the stick
10. The nearer the church the further from God
11. As poor as a church mouse
12. Ask my brother am I a liar
13. Hunger is good sauce.
14. The older the ''diveller''
15. There is no amadan like an old amadan.
16. You cant knock blood out of a turnip
17. Every old shoe has an old stocking to fit it.
18. There is no help for death
19. Dead drinking tea and dead without it
20. You cant rub grease on a fat pig
21. You cant take blood from a turnip
22. A bad tradesman faults his tools

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