School: Bealach (roll number 5811)

Ballagh, Co. Roscommon
Domhnall Ó Daltúin

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0258, Page 103

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1. Smoke in the wood and no fire. Ans. A fog.
2. Round the house and round the house and draws the harrow after. Ans. A hen and chickens.
3. As I looked out on my grandfathers window I heard a man that let a call; his mouth was flesh, his head was horn and such a riddle was never know. Ans. A cock crowing.
4. Up stairs down stairs is comes a lady with rings on her fingers and cockles on her toes hit her on the right place and off she goes. Ans. A gun.
5. Little little Rooney sitting on the hearth stone without a bone. Ans. A smoothing iron.
6. Long legs short thighs small head and no eyes. Ans. A tongs

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