School: Druminardly

Drumman Beg, Co. Roscommon
Criostóir Ó Cuanáin

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Druminardly | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0255, Page 270

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fun playing all sorts of games. Some of them are get a tub of water and put a sixpence in it. if anyone get it in their mouth they can hold it. Another game is played peel an apple without breaking the skin and throw it across your shoulder and look into the glass and the name of the person you will be married to will be in the glass. Three saucers are got and water is put on one a ring on another and clay on another. If the person leaves his hand on the clay he will die before the end of the year and if he puts his hand on the water he will cross the ocean before end of the year. If he leaves his hand on ring he will be married before the end of the year.
Emily Cox. Cronkell, Ruskey, Dromod

All the young people look forward to Hollow Eve Night. Many games and tricks are played. The people first tie an apple out of the roof and see who would be able to get it in their mouth without holding it. Wash your face and go to bed without drying it. whoever you will be married

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Sunny Dooner
Druminardly, Co. Roscommon