School: Scrabagh (roll number 11202)

Scrabbagh, Co. Roscommon
Mrs Rose Ffrench

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The Fair of Dangan

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0254, Page 098

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Long ago there was a fair held in Dangan, a townland in the parish of Kilmore. This fair took place the 25th of May every year. Cattle and other animals were sold at this fair and business was transacted as at the fairs held in towns at the present day.
Later on the buying and selling of cattle was not carried on at this fair. The fair was last held about thirty years ago. And as there has not ever been any chance or hope of reviving the event we have an old saying in the locality "All over like the fair of Dangan."
Everybody looked forward to the fair of Dangan and children went working to other people in order to earn money for the notable day

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Teresa Caslin