School: Scrabagh (roll number 11202)

Scrabbagh, Co. Roscommon
Mrs Rose Ffrench

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0254, Page 093

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distances in steamers and sail boats and these were anchored far out in the River Shannon. The regatta was also patronized by visitors from England. The boats were arranged in two lines on opposite sides of the waters. A circle or arch, shaped like a rainbow was placed from a steamer on one side, to another steamer on the opposite side, and flags of every different hue were placed on the circle and these flags were blown in different directions by the wind.

At the races of Lough Bo-derg sail boats were the chief interest. Sometimes for these contests there were about twenty-five entries. Each sail boat was known by its coloured sail. In the race the sail boats were timed as it was not possible for all the constestants to race at the same time. But for each race there was generally a man to notify the onlookers of the winning boat. He fired a shot as a signal when the winner was going past the

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